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Purpose and Aims


The St James’s Conservation Trust works closely with the City of Westminster and English Heritage to bring attention to specific, locally relevant planning and design issues that will impact the extraordinary area of St James’s.

St James’s has one of the country’s highest densities of listed buildings of historic or architectural importance. It is one of the most interesting, eclectic areas of London and includes the ancient Palace and the historic 17th century St. James’s grid. However, the area is witnessing a period of great change. The Trust, being a local, expert resource, plays a crucial role in monitoring and giving guidance regarding the preservation and development of such an architecturally important area and trying to prevent some of the damage that has been done in the past from being repeated.

In resisting inappropriate new development proposals the Trust always looks to initiate practical discussions with major landowners such as the Crown Estate as well as any independent developers and architects.

Special Reports

Where a need is identified, the Trust will commission ad hoc studies and reports. These studies are available for download.

Neighbourhood Forum Regulation 14 Report

St. James’s Neighbourhood Forum Regulation 14 report Concilio update

E-scooter and Dockless Cycle Hire

St. James’s Conservation Trust : E-scooter and dockless cycle hire consultation response : 7 August 2023.

An Audit of Roof Terrace Issues – March 2022

There are an increasing number of planning applications for new buildings and increased height of existing buildings where rooftops and [...]

Review of Licensing 2019

This study provides an updated database of the quantity, type, distribution and opening hours of licensed premises in St James’s, [...]

Study of Art in St James’s 2019

This study of art and related uses in St James’s is an update of a study of galleries undertaken in [...]

St James’s A3-Food and Drink Study 2005

The Trust has been aware that the core area of St James’s was becoming vulnerable from an ever increasing number [...]

Architecture Suitable for St James’s 2008

An illustrated analysis of the area and its architectural merits sets out eight principles for architectural standards suitable to St [...]

Paving Stone Survey June 2008.

St. James’s is rightly known as the finest small area in of London. Unfortunately its footpaths are cheaply surfaced and [...]


A visual survey was undertaken within sample areas of St. James’s, looking at individual rooftop “plant” installations at a number [...]

Conserving Historic St James’s 1999

This report contained a number of important planning recommendations which were warmly welcomed by the City Council.

Planning and Licensing

Since the Trusts's inception in 1998, it has worked closely with Westminster City Council; the ward's three councillors; the Department of Planning and City Development; and the Licensing Services.

Each week the Trust receives all relevant planning and licensing applications, and its comments are always given thorough consideration by Westminster Council.

An independent stakeholder that retains its own legal counsel and advisers in respect of planning and licensing matters, the Trust frequently meets members and senior officers of the City Council to discuss relevant issues concerning the core area of St. James's.

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