“London par excellence is bounded on the north by Piccadilly, on the south by Pall Mall, on the east by Haymarket, and on the west by St James’s Street..” – Theodore Hook

St James’s is unique. There is no parallel in London to this wonderful concentration of beautiful and distinctive architecture, including St James’s Palace and some of the greatest town houses built in the 18th century by the aristocracy. It has not only retained its celebrated heritage but has continued to be a vibrant and evolving part of London, with a thriving community that has continued to grow. Its collection of historic clubs and shops include some of the oldest establishments and family run businesses and sit alongside world leading contemporary art galleries making it a key destination for tourists and Londoners alike.

The Trust does not seek only preservation of the past, but also seeks continuity. Without careful planning controls this special area would soon resemble certain parts of the West End with 24 hour licensing. The development of the area needs careful monitoring without affecting its prosperity. There is a need for diversity in a city like London. The adjacent entertainment village of Piccadilly, Leicester Square and Soho, have a character and history of their own, which should be respected, but not allowed to overrun the character and history of St. James’s.

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