The Enhancement of St James’s Square

The Trust, in partnership with the City Council and the St. James’s Square Trust, has initiated a scheme for the enhancement of St James’s Square. Following meetings between the Trust and Westminster City Council, it has been agreed that the project should be financed as a partnership between the City Council and stakeholders of the Square. The concept for the enhancement of the Square was outlined in the Trust’s first 1999 Study “Conserving Historic St. James’s”, and following an initial grant of £10,000 from The Rose Foundation, Peter Heath RIBA, MRTPI has been working with West One and Westminster City Council to produce the initial designs. The enhancements have included York stone paving, more lamp standards of an appropriate historic design, improved cycle facilities and an improved vehicle parking layout with more pedestrian friendly space and easy access to the St James Square gardens. Completion in phases from 2010 – 2015.

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