5 & 6 St. James’s Square

In March 2007, the owners of 5 & 6 St. James’s Square applied to demolish a large site extending from the St. James’s Square frontage back to include 10 & 11 Babmaes Street and to redevelop the site as offices, and 14 residential flats. The Trust was able to influence the design of this redevelopment, particularly the St. James’s Square elevation of No. 6. The Trust welcomed the care taken to achieve a high architectural standard in the proposed redevelopment, but informed the City Council it was essential, when evaluating the application, to seek several conditions for a) treatment of elevations at ground level on all public facades and b) impact on the adjacent highways and contributions to local repaving improvements, promoted by the Trust for natural stone paving. Planning permission was granted in June 2007, attaching these conditions.

In June 2011, stripping out was being carried out in preparation for the demolition and redevelopment of these premises, with phased completions taking place in 2013/14/15.

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